Internet sensation Ted Williams could land in Super Bowl

Posted Jan 11, 2011 by Leo Reyes
Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, could end up at the Super Bowl soon with a possible video exposure in an ad during the game.
Ted Williams  homeless man with a golden voice.
Ted Williams, homeless man with a golden voice.
YouTube screengrab / Doral Chenoweth III
The New York Post is reporting that Williams has been offered an opportunity to make a five-second appearance on an ad that will air during the game.
Williams, whose "golden voice" was recorded by a Columbia Dispatch reporter a few days ago with a video of him begging in one street corners of Columbus, has been transformed into an overnight celebrity and in less than a week, his radio-friendly voice captivated millions across the Internet with its latest reported 15 million views.
Last Monday, the video with accompanying sample of his golden voice, was uploaded on YouTube and it quickly spread across the Internet. The following day, the video became so popular and it triggered job offers from various media entities.
The YouTube video had almost five million views in less than 24 hours.
On Thursday, he was in New York City to appear in morning and night talk shows. At the end of the week, MSNBC had announced Williams would be doing voice-overs for the cable network's "Lean forward" promotional campaign.
Williams has been offered a job by Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA), which he is seriously considering.
Aside from job offers from various networks and other entities, Williams has been reportedly offered a role in a movie with popular actor Jack Nicholson.
During the week Williams did a voice-over for several commercials involving Kraft Mac and Cheese. He will be paid $10,000 for recording four ads.
The newly-formed Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) wants Williams to become part of the network family. OWN owner Oprah Winfrey said she was among the millions captivated by William's tale of redemption.
“I would like to see him be part of OWN,” Winfrey told Inside Edition in an interview airing Friday. “It would be fantastic to hear him say, ‘The Oprah Winfrey Network.’”
“The reason we’re all so fascinated, I think, is because it means you can be homeless on the street, carrying a sign like we’ve all seen, and this can happen to you,” she said.
The New York Post report did not say which advertiser associated with Super Bowl was interested in using Williams.