Pantomime costume broke Geneva Convention

Posted Jan 7, 2011 by Scott Campbell
A pantomime in Glasgow, Scotland has been forced to change a costume after being told that it violated rules in the Geneva Convention.
The comedy nurse s costume before the change
The comedy nurse's costume before the change
Pavillion Theatre
The costume, worn by star Dean Park portraying a comedy nurse in a theatre production, featured a Red Cross emblem on the front.
Unauthorised use of the Red Cross emblem is in breach of Geneva Conventions Act 1957 (section 6, 1a), according to the Daily Record.
Shocked theatre bosses had to give the costume a new green cross after receiving a legal letter from the Red Cross Head of International Law Michael Meyer.
He said: "The reason for this strict control is that the red cross emblem is an internationally agreed symbol of protection during armed conflicts."
"If the emblem is used for other purposes, its special significance will be diminished and potentially lives may be lost."
He added: "We have no desire to be the villains of the pantomime or appear heavy-handed, but we do have a very serious obligation to protect the Red Cross emblem."