Fish and crab kill extends to Britain, New Zealand

Posted Jan 6, 2011 by Kim I. Hartman
New Zealand and Britain are the latest locations to join the list of fish and bird deaths this week as 40,000 crabs were found dead along the Kent coast and thousands of New Zealand snapper are reported to be littering the Coromandel Peninsula beaches.
The velvet crab (alternatively velvet swimming crab or devil crab)  Necora puber  is the largest swi...
The velvet crab (alternatively velvet swimming crab or devil crab), Necora puber, is the largest swimming crab found in British coastal waters
New Zealand's Ministry of Fisheries officials are investigating the deaths of snappers, after hundreds of fish were found dead on the sand of the Coromandel Peninsula beaches on Tuesday, according to AdelaideNow.
A Department of Conservation official said they were starving because of weather conditions, reports AdelaideNow. Fisheries officials are warning people not to eat the fish found washed up on the shores on the New Zealand coast and have stated an investigation is underway.
One Auckland resident told the New Zealand Herald that he doesn't believe it was weather related. "That's just completely untrue. This was something deliberate and it's just wrong," James Hughes said.
In today's edition of the New Zealand Herald, life-long Coromandel Peninsula resident Charlotte Pearsall said she suspects a trawler dumped the dead fish off the coast. "The kids were body-surfing alongside hundreds of dead snapper. It's far too many legal-sized fish for a mass starvation."
As if that weren't enough, the Mail Online has reported over 40,000 dead crabs have washed up along Britain's Kent coast this week.
Another case of what is being called "weather related mass deaths," with environmental experts blaming the extremely cold temperatures Britain is experiencing as the cause of the hypothermia deaths of the large number of crabs, says the UK Mail Online.
The Mail Online reports Britain is experiencing their coldest December in 120 years, which has caused the temperature of the sea to be much colder then usual.
People around the world are asking if an animal apocalypse has begun as reports of large numbers of bird deaths and fish kill are being announced each day since the beginning of the new year.
First it was red-winged blackbirds in Arkansas, followed by more blackbird deaths in Louisiana and various small birds in Kentucky. Coinciding with these deaths were the finding of 100,000 drum , dead on the banks of the Arkansas river.
In the news this week, the Maryland Department of the Environment announced a massive fish kill in the Chesapeake Bay that consisted of tens of thousands of fish, mostly croakers, and some menhayden and spots.
There are also reports of jackdaw bird deaths in Sweden, as reported on Digital Journal.
At this time no clear explanation has been provided for the deaths of the birds, fish or crabs that are occurring world-wide. Digital Journal reported on a possible connection with fireworks, explosions and loud noises, explained by an ornithologist with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.
AOL news reports that HAARP, The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, located in Alaska, has conspiracy theorists blaming the US government for experimenting with "death rays" and weather manipulation that's now affecting both fish and birds.
Until the various investigations are completed, the deaths of the extremely large numbers of fish, birds and crab will continue to baffle scientists, confuse conspiracy theorists and concern citizens about the safety and future of our food chain.