Can 'Idiot with a Tripod' YouTube video win an Academy Award?

Posted Jan 3, 2011 by Andrew Moran
A video published on YouTube has never even been considered for an Academy Award. Could this year's Oscars be different? Famous movie critic says "Idiot with a Tripod" should be nominated for Best Live-Action Short.
Clip from Jamie Stuart s short film   Idiot With a Tripod.
Clip from Jamie Stuart's short film, "Idiot With a Tripod."
In Roger Ebert’s Chicago Sun-Times blog, he notes of a certain YouTube video that he believes is worthy of an Academy Award because of its “wonderful quality,” “role as a homage” and “unbelievable technical proficiency.”
The author of “Roger Ebert’s Movie Yearbook 2011” is talking about the Jamie Stuart short YouTube video “Man in a Blizzard,” which is influenced by Dziga Vertov’s 1929 silent classic “Man with a Movie Camera.”
The 3 ½ minute video, which is otherwise known as “Man in a Blizzard,” documents the Dec. 26th blizzard that engulfed New York City and parts of the United States east coast. Ebert noted that the clip was sent to him less than 24 hours after the Boxing Day snow storm.
“You can tell from the cinematography he knew exactly what he was doing and how to do it,” wrote Ebert. “He held the Vertov film in memory. Stuart must already been thinking of how he would do the edit and sound. Any professional will tell you the talent exhibited here is extraordinary.”
According to Yahoo! News, the YouTube video was shot using the Canon EOS 7D camera. This piece of equipment was also used for a couple of scenes in the Darren Aronofsky picture “Black Swan.”
How did Stuart produce this so quickly? “Practice,” wrote Stuart in a reply to Ebert. “Most of the work I've done for the past half dozen years has been improvised online press-related shorts, which by nature requires a fast turnaround. Before that, I used to storyboard all my work -- so I had a strong sense of film language.”
This video has more than 327,000 views and has nearly 1,400 “likes.”
The 83rd annual Academy Awards ceremony will take place on Feb. 27, 2011.