Woman dies in a historic Swedish castle

Posted Jan 2, 2011 by Jozefina Ndoci
A woman froze to death after being trapped in a castle after a special mass on New Years Eve, only to be found by a janitor.
The 65-year-old woman lived in a home with people of special needs, because she had some psychological problems. After not being seen around since Friday night's mass, the woman was reported missing.
The police questioned the staff who had seen the woman, who replied that they had warned her that the doors would close soon and she would have to leave, according to Ulf Karlsson, a spokesman for police in the southeastern town of Kalmar.
She was found a few days later by the janitor, on Sunday, and according to The Australian, was showing slight signs of life when she was found, but her body temperature was much too low, and she died."
Although there had been a way for her to escape from the castle, she had not been capable of finding it.