Bombing in Egypt leaves 21 dead

Posted Jan 1, 2011 by KJ Mullins
The year had barely begun when a terrorist bombing took place outside of a church in the Egyptian city of Alexandria. According to preliminary date from the Ministry of Health the bombing killed 21 and left 43 wounded.
Muhammad Hosni Mubarak  former President of Egypt.
Muhammad Hosni Mubarak, former President of Egypt.
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Just after midnight a bomb exploded outside the Saints Mary-Girgis and Bishop Peter Church in the Sidi Bishr district of Alexandria, leading President Mubarak to exclaim that all of Egypt was targeted today.
Early reports of a car bomb have been dismissed by the Ministry of Interior who said that the act was of a suicide bomber. The explosive contained nails and ball bearings to make the death toll higher. The Minister also noted that Al-Qaeda has been issuing threats against his nation.
Four of the wounded had been security members assigned to the Church according to the Ministry of Interior saying "their blood will not be in vain and we will strike the hand of the terrorism that threatens us." He noted that the blood of both Christians and Muslims were mingled from the bombing saying that those responsible will be tracked down and captured.
President Mubarak appeared on television today expressing his condolences to the families of the victims.
Dr. Ahmed El-Tayib called the attack a "heinous crime" adding that to attack a church was the same as attacking a mosque. Mufti of the Republic Dr. Aly Goma has also come forward to condemn the attack targeting innocent people, both Christian and Muslim, saying that it was an "attempt to sow sectarian discord in the nation."
A criminal investigation has begun for the attack.