First 2011 babies in Australia come into world

Posted Dec 31, 2010 by Jozefina Ndoci
Eleven Melbourne families report babies have been born to begin 2011. They are being taken care of at the Royal Women's Hospital.
Australia is a very multicultural country and every time new babies are born, the culture grows more and more and the children become part of the beautiful history and culture.
For the second decade of the 21st century, the country welcomed into the world 11 newborns who are all safe and healthy in the Royal Women's Hospital.
Although the world has many horrible and cruel things going on at the moment, these babies have their parents praying and hoping that they turn out with the best future. According to Herald Sun, the parents hope to bring them up as compassionate human beings who will show love towards all and try to make the world become a better place, by everyone playing a role in doing something good for the upcoming future.
More babies are due to be born in the following first few days and weeks, and Australia wishes them a happy life, which has begun in 2011.