California lawyer claims small victories over spamming companies

Posted Dec 27, 2010 by Andrew Moran
Following a successful career in marketing, Daniel Balsam made the decision to quit his job in order to go to law school and start a new career in suing spammers who send you messages to enlarge your penis, enhance your breasts and offer cheap drugs.
Keeping spam bots from posting
Keeping spam bots from posting
According to, spam makes up 45 percent of all e-mails per day, or 14.5 billion messages – Cisco Systems says the number is actually around 200 billion. Companies in the United States are number one in generating spam, followed by South Korea. Spam also costs businesses approximately $20.5 billion in decreased productivity and technical expenses per year.
Who is going to stop all of these spammers? Daniel Balsam.
The story of Balsam has made the rounds on Business Week, the Associated Press and numerous technology publications. Balsam’s story is somewhat of the American Dream meets superhero status of those who despise spam.
According to the Associated Press, Balsam quit a successful career in the field of marketing in order to enrol in law school and make a living out of suing spamming companies, which, thus far, has paid off.
Although Balsam’s victories against spammers are small, he feels that he’s “doing a little bit of good cleaning up the Internet.”
Balsam has accumulated $1 million in settlements and judgments through the years. However, some aren’t thrilled with his mission and practices, including defense lawyer Bennet Kelley who launched the website (a mockery of Balsam’s original website
“He really seems to be trying to twist things for a buck,” said Kelley. “There is nothing wrong per se with being an anti-spam crusader. But Dan abuses the processes by using small claims court. A lot of people will settle with him to avoid the hassle.”
Nevertheless, as Business Week reports, Balsam is not making any apologies for his work: “I feel comfortable doing what I’m doing. And I’m not going away.”