Students create Christmas tree from plastic spoons

Posted Dec 20, 2010 by Lynn Curwin
Students in Taiwan won an award for the best Christmas tree created from recycled materials with their 12 metre high tree made of plastic spoons.
screen capture from news video
Six students from Transworld University used 80,000 spoons in their creation, which will be recycled after the holiday season. The spoons were provided by local branches of fast-food chain KFC.
The contest was organised by the Taichung local government.
"Christmas must be celebrated in an eco-friendly way, and it is the same when we choose clothing or when we take a shower,” Yahoo News quoted Taichung mayor Jason Hu as saying. β€œAn eco-friendly Christmas tree is a sign of an improved society, and a symbol of creativity.”
The Times Live website reported that the spoons were used ones, making the design eco-friendly.
There were 227 Christmas trees made from recycled objects such as clothing, cans, bottles, drinking straws, computer discs and bamboo chopsticks created for the competition.