Veteran actor Stephanie Cole to join Coronation Street

Posted Dec 18, 2010 by Andrew John
Actress Stephanie Cole – star of an iconic prisoner-of-war drama in the eighties – is now set to join Britain’s oldest and best-loved TV soap opera.
Stephanie Cole
Stephanie Cole
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Cole is perhaps best known for her leading role in Tenko, about a Japanese PoW camp, and more recently in the TV sitcom Waiting for God, which ran from 1990 to 1994. Tenko was broadcast between 1981 and 1985.
Cole, 69, says she’s “absolutely thrilled” to be joining ITV’s Coronation Street, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last week with a spectacular tram crash. Later in the week, on the exact day of the anniversary, an hour-long episode was performed live, as TV dramas used to be before film and video recording became the norm.
Cole is quoted as saying: “When I worked at Granada Television [which made the soap as part of the ITV network] a lot in the 1980s I used to play bridge with Doris Speed [pub landlady Annie Walker in the soap].
“I remember thinking, ‘Maybe one day they will offer me a role on Coronation Street.’ Well, that day has finally come and I am thrilled.”
She said it would a “privilege” to join the Street’s Cropper family as Roy’s feisty mother.
“Her on-screen son Roy, played by David Nielsen, first appeared on Coronation Street in 1995, going to become owner of local café Roy’s Rolls,” says the BBC.