Julian Assange dating website profile leaked

Posted Dec 14, 2010 by Kev Hedges
Years ago, few people had heard of WikiLeaks and the man behind a cache of revealing documents. Now the table has turned on him as it has emerged that he was also a lonely single male looking for love.
Julian Lassange  Wikileaks founder
Julian Lassange, Wikileaks founder
Photo by Martina Haris/Julian Assange
An Internet profile on the dating website OkCupid which apparently belonged to the WikLieaks founder has revealed him as a Lothario and a roguish secret agent, reports the Asian age
The profile also portrayed him as bragging that he had "Asian teengirl stalkers" and that he was "87pc slut". The 36-year-old's profile also revealed he is looking for somebody with “spunk” who is an “erotic non-conformist” and ideally from a place of turmoil as “Western culture seems to forge women that are valueless and inane”.
It is not clear if the profile belongs to Mr Assange but the biographical details are correct and the last time he was logged in was December 31 2006. The profile appears under the name Harry Harrison, a science-fiction writer who wrote several novels about a character called Stainless Steel Rat, an intergalactic criminal mastermind who used his wits to evade the law. His pictures do show a pre-grey Assange according to He describes himself as "passionate and often pig-headed activist seeks siren for love affair, children and occasional criminal conspiracy".