Artists gather to launch new book, assist sexual assault centre Special

Posted Dec 7, 2010 by Lynn Curwin
Those who attended a recent book launch in Nova Scotia had the opportunity to purchase a volume filled with beautiful images of art works while also helping a local sexual assault centre.
The Truro launch of Nova Scotia’s Contemporary Artists – Volume ll, drew many people to the Marigold Cultural Centre to meet the book’s editor, Dee Appleby, and a few of the artists whose work is included.
“It includes the work of 67 artists, who are all professionals and permanent residents of Nova Scotia,” said Appleby. “Volume l was strictly landscape artists but this one includes landscapes, marine, wildlife, portraits, still life…”
She explained that she selected the artists by approaching well-established fine art galleries in the province and asking for recommendations.
“It was great fun putting this together,” she said. “Artists are such wonderful people to work with.”
A friend of hers, who is on the board of the Colchester Sexual Assault Centre (CSAC), had approached her about fundraising, so she decided the local book launch would provide an ideal opportunity.
Books sold for $35, and $5 from each sale went to help support the work of the centre.
Dee Appleby  who edited the book  and Margaret Mauger  executive director of the Colchester Sexual A...
Dee Appleby, who edited the book, and Margaret Mauger, executive director of the Colchester Sexual Assault Centre.
“Our funding is limited so any extra funds are greatly appreciated,” said Margaret Mauger, the executive director of the CSAC. “Being involved with something like this also helps with awareness.
“A lot of people aren’t aware of our existence if they don’t need our services.”
The centre offers information and referrals for both males and females.
“We provide support and counselling for survivors of sexual abuse or assault, as well as their friends and families,” added Mauger.
“We’re an ally for LGBTTTIQ - lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, two-spirit, intersex and queer. We also provide information on relationships and sexually transmitted infections.”
Artists Janice Guinan  Christine Sandeson  Jacqueline Verge  Judy Arsenault  Deanna Boucher and Jacq...
Artists Janice Guinan, Christine Sandeson, Jacqueline Verge, Judy Arsenault, Deanna Boucher and Jacqueline Steudler signing books.
Many of the people who attended the launch were doing some of their Christmas shopping. One woman, leaving with an armload of books, smiled broadly and said that she now had her shopping completed.
The artists who were in attendance signed so many books they may not have been able to paint for a few days, but they were pleased to be a part of the event and to have their work contained in the book.
“It is a wonderful privilege to be included in this beautiful book with so many diversely talented artists, each with our own visual voice,” said Janice Guinan, one of those who work is included.
Two of the artists  Jacqueline Steudler and Janice Guinan.
Two of the artists, Jacqueline Steudler and Janice Guinan.
The Truro launch, on December 3, was the third such event for the art book. Previous ones were held in Tatamagouche and Antigonish, and on the following day a launch was held at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, in Halifax, with more than 50 artists in attendance.