Lagos to replace Cairo as Africa's largest city

Posted Nov 24, 2010 by Samuel Okocha
Nigeria’s commercial capital city of Lagos will replace Cairo in Egypt as Africa’s largest city, says a UN report. With a projected 12.4 million inhabitants in 2015, Lagos would overtake the Egyptian capital which currently has 11 million inhabitants.
A market in Lagos  south west Nigeria.
A market in Lagos, south west Nigeria.
Zouzou Wizman
Lagos is getting the population estimate as part of a UN-HABITAT report which says “African city populations will triple in the next 40 years.”
According to the report, African governments would have to put in place measures to prevent a negative backlash when the continent’s city populations seemingly explode.
“No African government can afford to ignore the ongoing rapid urban transition taking place across the continent. Cities must become priority areas for public policies, with huge increased investments to build adequate governance capacities, equitable services delivery, affordable housing provision and better wealth distribution,” the Executive Director of UN-HABITAT Joan Clos said.
The report titled “The State of African cites 2010: Governance, Inequalities and Urban Land Markets,” said with an urban growth rate of 3.4 percent, Africa remains the fastest urbanizing continent in the world and will in 2030 cease to be predominantly rural.