Cooks Source Magazine ending publication after public backlash

Posted Nov 19, 2010 by Stephanie Medeiros
Food magazine Cooks Source, and its editor, that stole at least one blogger's recipe from the Web is now facing closed doors after it endured a massive online backlash.
A stack of unread newspapers on a sidewalk.
A stack of unread newspapers on a sidewalk.
Judith Griggs has become a sort of celebrity, but not for the good reasons. The editor for Cooks Source Magazine, a food magazine that is based out of New England, dug herself a deeper hole when confronted with accusations of plagiarized and stolen work from several different sources, all of it starting with a blogger named Monica Gaudio. After a huge public backlash via the Internet, Griggs has apparently shut down the Cooks Source website, but before it was completely shut down, placed a post full excuses and typos.
Griggs plays the victim in this case, going on in her rant verbatim, as reported by TechDirt: "...I was on deadline and traveling at the rate of 200 mile a day for that week (over 900 in total for that week), which I actually told her, along with a few other "nice" things, which she hasnt written about."
She continues to be on the defense and offense in her post, however, perhaps the final blow to Monica would be what Griggs said here: "I really wish she had given me a chance to respond to her before blasting me. She really never gave me a chance."
In response to Griggs' own post, Gaudio made an update on her LiveJournal blog about Griggs continuing to blame her for the misfortune of Cooks Source and saying that Gaudio was nothing but a bully. Monica said that she contacted Griggs via voicemail and email about five times in response to the stolen content, merely asking for compensation that would be donated to a journalism school and a wholehearted apology. Griggs finally did comply with the compensation and sent the $130 check.
Going on, Griggs said that she has been constantly apologizing to local businesses, advertisers and writers about the whole fiasco. And because of the fervor of literary people across the Internet, she confirmed that the publication of Cooks Source will be no longer printed.