Op-Ed: The Facebook Phenomenon: Part II

Posted Nov 14, 2010 by Matt Harding
Part I of 'The Facebook Phenomenon' took a look at the greatness of Facebook. Part II will delve into the impact Facebook makes on a worldly basis, rather than on an individual basis.
Spencer E Holtaway
Facebook is not just a place where people like you and I can network. The site is a place where politicians, musicians, and otherwise famous people can get information to you. You can learn so much by just clicking on someone's page.
Politicians such as President Obama, Former Alaskan Governor Palin, and local politicians such as Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh and Chicago Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel have Facebook pages. I can speak for Detroit's councilpeople when I say that they respond to the messages they receive on Facebook. I've contacted several of them on numerous occasions. It just shows that Facebook gives the people a place where they can contact their leaders. And, if they can't, it's a great place to talk to fellow citizens about issues (whether on the local, state, or federal level).
Musicians, with Facebook, can update fans on their tour schedule, amongst other things. Many artists communicate with their fans on Facebook. The site is a great place to post music videos, new songs, and new pictures.
With Facebook, politicians and musicians can be closer to their community and fans. Facebook is such a useful tool.
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