Smiling, weeping Virgin Mary statue attracts hundreds to Ontario

Posted Nov 3, 2010 by Andrew Moran
A small Windsor, Ontario home is gathering the attention of praying Catholics, city officials and worldwide media. A statue of the Virgin Mary reportedly smiles during the day but weeps healing oil at night.
Statue of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus at St. James Cathedral in Seattle  Washington
Statue of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus at St. James Cathedral in Seattle, Washington
All over the world, there have been instances and reports of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary statues crying tears of blood, healing oil and more.
According to the Windsor Star, a 1.5-metre statue of the Virgin Mary in a blue dress is weeping tears of oil in the front yard of a small Windsor home, which has attracted hundreds of devout Catholics, public officials and international news media outlets.
Homeowner Fadia Ibrahim says the statue smiles during the day and her eyes turn red and she sheds tears of healing oil at night. Ibrahim calls the statue a miracle and believes it’s a message from a higher power: “I think it's a work of God and she wants the people to go back to church.”
Visitors have flocked to the site from the Greater Toronto Area, Florida, Michigan and Ohio. Many people bring flowers and, according to CTV News, some attempt to leave money but Ibrahim put up a sign requesting that people do not leave any money.
According to Ibrahim, one cancer patient and one heart patient were healed.
People who have seen the statue up close say that the tears are visible on the face and hands of the sculpture and, on several occasions, one can see it dripping from the Virgin Mary’s chin.
Shady, the son of Ibrahim, said that the statue was weeping all day on Monday. He believes it began to shed tears because worshippers did not gather around and pray at her feet due to Halloween.
The weeping statue has occurred for the past three months. Worshippers have trampled Ibrahim’s front yard. Vehicles constantly stop, slow down or park in front of the house, and the families are not disappointed.
“We're a very faith-filled family, so we thought we would come over and look at what is taking place this evening, just for our own eyes,” said Janet Mendez who took her two children to see the statue. “Seeing is believing, and definitely we do see her weeping -- weeping for the world, weeping because there's no love left in this world.”
On Tuesday, CBC News reported that Ibrahim was ordered to remove the statue from her front yard after her neighbour, George Kotevski, complained to the city that dozens of people show up on a daily basis. Ibrahim has until Nov. 19 to remove the shrine.
Kotevski explained that the once quiet neighbourhood has become a circus and visitors walk on his lawn and park their cars in front of his driveway: “I pay taxes, and I want peace and quiet.”
Ibrahim has said that she might donate the statue to her church.