Smuggler forced to poop out smuggled diamonds

Posted Nov 1, 2010 by Laura Trowbridge
A man from Sri Lanka almost got away with the diamonds and gems packed in his stomach, but after clearing customs and immigration at an India airport, he was nabbed by police just as he was getting into a taxi cab.
April Birthstone - Diamond
April Birthstone - Diamond
Mario Sarto
According to a report by RIA Novosti, a man was detained by Indian police just outside the Chennai, India airport.
Mohamed Rafi, 35, of Sri Lanka was trying to smuggle over 2,000 diamonds and precious gems inside 42 packed condoms he had swallowed.
Police grew suspicious when Rafi was unable to sit up straight in his chair as they questioned him. Rafi claimed he was suffering from piles, but police took him to a hospital where it was found that he had a load of precious stones inside his stomach.
Police then fed Rafi bananas and laxatives to facilitate the ejection of the stones. It took about six hours before the gems were recovered.
Rafi confessed to police that this was his fourth smuggling job from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Chennai, India. He had been paid 10,000 rupees (about $225) to smuggle the gems. The stones have been valued between $337,000 to $670,000.
Police are investigating and will send Rafi to customs service later to be dealt with.