Uganda editor publishes second list of gays in spite of attacks

Posted Nov 1, 2010 by Andrew John
A Uganda tabloid has for the second time published a list of gays and lesbians and urged readers to report them to the police.
Editor Giles Muhame
Editor Giles Muhame
CNN screen shot
Rolling Stone – which has no relation to the American magazine of the same name – is edited by 22-year-old Giles Muhame, who argues that homosexuality is “more dangerous than smoking,” according to CNN.
The paper recently listed 100 gay and lesbian people alongside the words “hang them.” Four people have been attacked in Uganda since that list appeared, according to gay-rights groups.
The new list includes addresses and, says CNN, “alleged intimate detail about the anatomy of people on it.”
Muhame has discouraged physical attacks on people, but is saying gay people are “recruiting” school students.
Harsh penalties
Meanwhile, the controversial bill that proposes stiff penalties for gays – including death in some cases – is progressing towards becoming law.
“He [Muhame] says the bill imposing harsh penalties for homosexuality will become law when Uganda begins drilling oil and becomes less dependent on foreign donors,” says the CNN report.
The Member of Parliament behind the harsh bill, David Bahati, is quoted as saying: “We are very confident because this is a piece of legislation that is needed in this country to protect the traditional family here in Africa, and also protect the future of our children.”
The bill has provoked outrage in several countries, including the United Kingdom.
The video above shows an interview with Muhame.