Pope Benedict XVI to be greeted by 'gay kissing' protest in Spain

Posted Oct 26, 2010 by Mathew Wace Peck
Queer Kissing Flashmob have announced that they will be organising a demonstration in front of Pope Benedict XVI when he visits Spain in November.
Pope Benedict XVI – nuns and monks were frisked this morning during his visit to the UK
Pope Benedict XVI – nuns and monks were frisked this morning during his visit to the UK
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The gay-rights group will stage the event on Sunday, 7 November – as the Pope makes a short journey from the Plaza de la Catedral to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona – in protest at his anti-homosexuality views.
According to Pink News, one of the organisers, Carole Marylene, spoke to the Spanish news agency, EFE, saying: “When Benedict XVI passed before us, we’ll kiss, man with man or woman with woman.
"It is curious to note how an act so noble as a kiss can be considered revolutionary, even in the 21st century.”
Queer Kissing Flashmob says that its Facebook group already has more than 900 followers, but complained that the social-network site had deleted an events page for the demonstration, which 12,000 people had been invited to.
The Pope's visit to Spain comes only weeks after his controversial UK State Visit, in September. On that occasion, protests sprung up all over the country. Whenhe visited Twickenham, he was greeted by a group of near-naked male models dressed as angels. They were sponsored by Gaydar, which has its global headquarters in the town.
At the time, a spokesperson for Gaydar said:
[W]e were only too happy to lend our support. We also sponsored members of Mario Mieli, the largest LGBT organization in Rome, to come to London – without Gaydar's help they would have been unable to attend and we felt it important that they did. We used the Gaydar Angels to help draw attention to serious issues.
The UK demonstrations culminated with 20,000 people marching in London, to protest against a number of issues, including Pope Benedict's response to the child-abuse scandal within his Catholic Church, his views on the equality of women and gay people, and his stance on the use of condoms to help prevent the spread of HIV.