UK aid worker may have been killed by American rescuers

Posted Oct 11, 2010 by Lynn Curwin
The British aid worker who was killed in Afghanistan Friday night may have been accidentally killed by US forces who were trying to rescue her.
Linda Norgrove  the British aid worker killed in Afghanistan.
Linda Norgrove, the British aid worker killed in Afghanistan.
YouTube screen capture
It was earlier announced that 36-year-old Linda Norgrove died when one of her captors detonated a suicide vest, but David Cameron has announced that new details have revealed that the cause of death may have been a US grenade.
He said he was informed of the news by Gen David Petraeus, the top allied commander in Afghanistan, who called him Monday morning.
Norgrove was abducted on 26 September, along with three Afghan nationals who were released unharmed last week.
"The decision to launch this rescue operation was not an easy one,” BBC News quoted Cameron as saying. “But I am clear that Linda's life was in grave danger from the moment she was taken.
"Those on the ground and in London feared that she was going to be passed up the terrorist chain which would increase further the already high risk that she would be killed."
He said a full US/UK investigation, which is expected to be led by a senior US officer, was being launched.
Tribal elders who had been trying to negotiate Norgove’s release told the BBC they had asked NATO not to intervene, so that they would have more time to arrange a release.
BBC's diplomatic correspondent Nicholas Witchell said that the incident not only raises questions about the manner of the assault; it raises questions about the way in which the American media, for 48 hours, disseminated the suggestion that she died at the hands of her captors.