'Vampires' stab man who refuses to let them suck his blood

Posted Oct 10, 2010 by Lynn Curwin
Two “vampires” were charged with stabbing a man in order to get his blood in Arizona, in an incident which is now being called the “vampire stabbing.”
Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson
Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson
Chandler Police Department
Firefighters, who were at an apartment complex, saw a blood-covered man run out of another apartment and contacted police.
When Chandler police officers arrived they found a lot of blood at the scene and a trail of blood leaving an apartment.
Aaron Homer, 24, and Amanda Williamson, 21, were arrested and 25-year-old Robert Maley was found a few blocks away with a stab wound to his left arm.
The injured man had been staying with the couple and had allowed them to suck blood previously, but didn’t want them to do it again. They became angry and stabbed him. reported that Sgt. Joe Favazzo, of the Chandler Police Department, said the couple “practice paganism and vampirism and follow the vampire cult."
Williamson first told police she had been attacked and stabbed only in self-defense, but both of the accused later confirmed Maley’s claims.
Homer stated that he stabbed Maley because he felt the other man was making fun of his religion.
Homer was charged with aggravated assault and Williamson was charged with false reporting to police. Maley, who received stitches for his wound, was arrested on an unrelated outstanding warrant.
Sgt. Favazzo warned that following a vampire cult was dangerous and would result in infections.