Where is my son? The Denise Allan Story

Posted Sep 21, 2010 by KJ Mullins
When a child is missing a parent will go to the ends of the earth to find them. That is the story for Denise Allan whose son 'Charles' Karoly John Horvath-Allan disappeared 21 years ago in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.
Search for  Charles k j Horvath
Search for 'Charles k j Horvath'
Canada-born 'Charles' Karoly John Horvath-Allan disappeared without a trace in the spring or summer of 1989. He was only 20 when he disappeared. His mother has wondered what happened to her son that fateful day in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. His case is cold but police believe the 20-year-old met with foul play. His mother still longs for an answer. Where did Charles end up?
Charles was an adventurous young man. Born in Cochenour, Ontario Canada on August 21, 1969 he left just five weeks later to be raised by his mother in Yorkshire, UK with his mother. In 1988 Charles traveled across the pond to travel across the nation of his birth. He had been to Canada often visiting his father, Max A K Horvath of Thunder Bay and Godfather Gabby of Cochenour.
His mother has pieced together a time line of the last weeks Charles is known to be alive.
He was in Swift Current, Sask. in March 1989. He cashed a cheque at The Royal Bank there.
In April he had moved on to Banff, Alberta working at The Rimrock Hotel. It was there that the plans to meet his mother in Hong Kong to celebrate their birthdays, his 21st and her 40th.
The flight plans had been made and he faxed his mother the details from Kelowna, British Columbia. Included in the fax was the details of maybe working with his father in Sask. Denise waited for a call to let her know to book the tickets. That call never came. Worried she got in touch with the RCMP and everyone she knew that knew Charles. He had not been seen since May.
The date was May 11, 1989.
 Charles  Karoly John Horvath-Allan  and mother Denise Allan
"Charles" Karoly John Horvath-Allan and mother Denise Allan
Denise Allan
That was the last known communication with his family.
When he went missing he had been staying at the Tiny Town Campground working odd jobs. In May his mother reports Charles had "registered at all the local student employment agencies, befriended several families and had camped at a local campground where I established he had left his tent and personal belongings. "
His last known job was at Flintstones Bedrock City.
The RCMP retrieved some of Charles' belongings from the campsite from others who were using them there.
In August 1989 there was an unconfirmed sighing at 'The Live Wire Nightclub' in Kelowna. It was the last time that anyone saw him alive.
While on a trip to Canada in 1992 Denise was sent two anonymous letters by taxi to The Pandosy Inn. The first letter said her son had died at a party and his body was dumped into Okanagan Lake. Volunteer divers and a camera team were searching the lake when the second letter arrived.
"they are searching on the wrong side of the bridge"
A body was found. It was not Charles. The body was that of a man who had committed suicide.
For 21 years Denise Allan has traveled to Kelowna to raise awareness about her son. His father and Godfather have both passed on. They died without dying how Charles died or where his remains rest. The Serious Crime Unit of the Kelowna Detachment of the
RCMP have now listed Charles as deceased.
This year Denise had a billboard erected asking for information about her son. It costs abut a thousand dollars a month for the message to remain.
Denise vows that 'as long as I can stand,walk and talk, I will search for my son until the day I die.'
Someone knows where Charles' remains are. His mother wants to lay her son to rest before she dies. A letter sent by mail, a text, a simple call could end the search. It's time that the nightmare ends for Denise Allan. If you know what happened to Charles make that happen, make the call.
Search for  Charles k j Horvath
Search for 'Charles k j Horvath'