Koran-burning pastor was kicked out of German church

Posted Sep 9, 2010 by R. C. Camphausen
Interesting information emerges from Germany, where the pastor Dr. Terry Jones was previously fired from a church he led in Cologne. He also was fined for pretending to be an academic.
Scene from Fahreheit 451  6 minutes form start of the movie.
Scene from Fahreheit 451, 6 minutes form start of the movie.
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Before pastor Terry Jones took over the tiny church known as Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, he ran a somewhat larger one in Cologne, Germany. Jones had founded the 'Christian Community of Cologne' in the 1980s, and was rather successful during the first few years -- his church grow to about 800 to 1,000 members.
Soon however, one calamity followed another. First, in 2002, he was fined $3,800 by a Cologne court, writes the Seattle Times, apparently basing their report on The Local, a website in English with German news.
A few years later, by the end of 2007, the members of the church had enough of Jones' dictatorial regime, his fundamentalist views and his increasing personal war against Islam. Asked to change his manners and stance, he refused, and soon he and his wife and some fellow preachers were expelled from the church, He then moved back to the US where he had started the tiny church that has now become big news sometime in the 1990s.
Andrew Schäfer, a Protestant Church official responsible for monitoring sects in and around Cologne, confirmed the accounts members of the German church had given about the now disgraced pastor. "Terry Jones is a fundamentalist," he told SPIEGEL ONLINE, and "Terry Jones appears to have a delusional personality."
In the same article, it says: A "climate of fear and control" had previously prevailed in the congregation, says one former member of the church who does not want to be named. Instead of free expression, "blind obedience" was demanded, he says.
Various witnesses gave SPIEGEL ONLINE consistent accounts of the Jones' behavior. The pastor and his wife apparently regarded themselves as having been appointed by God, meaning opposition was a crime against the Lord. Terry and Sylvia Jones allegedly used these methods to ask for money in an increasingly insistent manner, as well as making members of the congregation carry out work.
The Local adds this in an article published yesterday: "We want to distance ourselves fully from this plan and from Jones," said Stephan Baar from the 'Christian Community of Cologne' in the western German city.
"We are as shocked as the rest of the world," Baar added in an interview with news agency AFP. "This has nothing to do with us and nothing to do with our beliefs," he said.
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