The South African public service strike temporarily suspended

Posted Sep 7, 2010 by Abram Mahlaba
The four weeks old public service strike that has crippled almost all public departments has been suspended by the unions for at least 21 days.
The suspension was announced by the public sector unions pending the outcomes of more consultations with members and the government in the next 21 days.
The strike that has hit the health sector and the education departments the hardest has been put on hold for at least 21 days. The political experts and the government have feared dire consequences if the strike would prolong. They feared the loss of more lives and setting back the whole generation of scholars.
The IOL reports: Public Administration Minister, Richard Baloyi has welcomed the news that unions were suspending a public sector strike on Monday.
"The return to work is a welcome development for the public service and the country in general," said Baloyi in a statement.
"We urge those who are returning to the workplace to ensure that we deliver the services that are so sorely needed by all communities across our country.
The strikers were standing headstrong on the 8, 5 percent increase and the housing allowance of R1000. 00 per month. The government was on the other side refusing to budge in for this demands saying that these demands were out of equation and that would set back the service delivery drastically and cost the tax payers dearly in the long run.
The government was also saying that by merely increasing the offer by 0, 5 percent would cost the government R6, 5 billion more. And the government urged that would cease the government posts that were already advertised and that would slow down the service delivery drastically.
But the unions said that should the government fail to address the issue of bonus and other issues put on the negotiation table, the strike would continue after 21 days.