Girl throwing puppies into river on video

Posted Aug 31, 2010 by Lynn Curwin
A video which appears to show a teenager throwing some very young puppies into a river has appeared online and upset many people.
Girl reportedly throwing puppies in river
Girl reportedly throwing puppies in river
You tube screen capture
In the video [warning: contains graphic footage of animal cruelty], a young blonde woman, wearing a red hoodie, picks puppies out of a bucket and, one by one, throws them into a fast-flowing river.
There is suspicion that the video might be a hoax, but animal rescue groups know that similar incidents often occur, although they are rarely recorded.
The sounds of puppies making sounds can be heard clearly throughout the video, but it's uncertain if the puppies' cries were added in post-production.
Liveleak has disabled the ability to comment on the video so that personal information would not be publicised, but other sites are allowing comments.
A message on the Liveleak web site says: “Whilst we appreciate publicising this video could lead to information that could be passed to authorities we would like to ask members that no personal information is posted here nor should any threats be aimed, or "action" taken, against this person other than to pass information to any relevant authority.”
The Telegraph reported that there are claims that the girl is from Bugojno in Bosnia. The river Vrbas flows through the town.
A Facebook Group called Find the girl throwing puppies in the river!!!! has already attracted more than 2,500 users.