First case of NDM-1 Superbug now confirmed in Ontario

Posted Aug 21, 2010 by Viga Boland
Here we go again. The NDM-1, originally from India, had only two confirmations of its arrival in Canada. These were in Alberta and BC.
Bacteria in a petri dish.
Bacteria in a petri dish. file photo
Well now, Ontario has confirmed its first case too.
In breaking news, lab tests done at the William Osler Building in Brampton have confirmed the presence of the NDM-1 bug in a patient, since released from the hospital.
The Ministry of Health appears surprised at the news. She did not expect these results.
Given that the NDM-1 bug is highlyy resistant to antibiotics, will this be the beginning of another media frenzy that created the mass panic we saw previously with H1-N1?
All right in time for the return to school too. What now?