North Korea now on Twitter

Posted Aug 17, 2010 by Jason Smith
With such high profile people such as Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez utilizing one of the most well known micro-blogging services Twitter, it only makes sense that North Korea would join as well.
Twitter screenshot
North Korea, a country that has been known for both its secrecy and its controversy, has thus far issued 9 tweets, most of which point its followers of over 2,300 to anti-Seoul and anti-U.S. statements on the country's official website,, reported Fox News.
Tweet content ranged from dismissing accusations that it was a North Korean torpedo that sank a South Korean warship, to criticizing U.S.-led sanctions on both North Korea and Iran. AFP said that most followers have been posting derisive comments in Korean.
In addition, North Korea opened an account with YouTube and uploaded videos that praised the country's leader Kim Jong II, and it also denied the country's role in the ship's sinking. Even though North Korea has over 2,300 followers, it has yet to follow anyone else.