Teens lift car and save trapped toddler

Posted Aug 13, 2010 by Mary Keshishian
On Thursday, a little boy was trapped under a car after his mother's roommate accidentally ran him over in the driveway.
A 20-year-old woman, who lives with the boy's mother at the home near 8400 South and 900 East, was leaving for work around 9:30 when 2-year-old Isaac Johnson ran behind the car. The woman backed over the child, dragging him about 15 feet down the driveway behind the 2,700 pound car.
According to ABC News, Keaton Critchlow, James Anderson, and Branden Estrada had just gotten home, when they noticed that something was wrong at the neighbor's house across the street.
"We just dropped everything that we had in our hands and ran over and then we realized there was a baby under the car," said one of the boys.
The boy was pinned onto the car. The three teens lifted the front end of the car so someone could pull the boy out from underneath the front tires.
Once freed, the first aid began. Emergency crews arrived moments later and the child was flown by helicopter in very serious injuries to the hospital.
The teens said they were just doing what needed to be done, and they do not see themselves as heroes.