1 of 2 escaped prisoners captured in US

Posted Aug 9, 2010 by Lynn Curwin
One of the two convicted criminals who escaped from a US prison has been captured about 100 kilometres from Yellowstone National Park. The second killer is still on the loose.
John McCluskey
John McCluskey
Mohave County Sheriff's Office
Tracy Province, 42, was armed with a handgun when he was arrested early on August 9, in northwest Wyoming, reported the CBC. He was also carrying a hitchhiking sign that said "Casper."
Police are still searching for John McCluskey, 45, who escaped with him, as well as Casslyn Welch, 44, who is a suspected accomplice. They are considered armed and dangerous, and police are telling anyone who recognizes them to call 911.
A third escapee, Daniel Renwick, 36, who is also a convicted killer, was captured in Colorado on August 1, after a shootout with police.
The three men escaped from a private, medium-security prison in Arizona on July 30.
The Associated Press reported that, according to authorities, Welch –who is McCluskey’s fiancée and cousin - threw wire cutters over the fence.
They kidnapped two truck drivers at gunpoint and used the vehicle to get away. They did not harm the drivers.
Forensic evidence links McCluskey, Welch and Province to the killing of an Oklahoma couple in New Mexico. The burned remains of Linda and Gary Haas, both 61, were found in a charred camper on a remote ranch on Wednesday. Their truck was later found about 160 kilometres (100 miles) away.