11-year-old pregnant, man charged with sexual assault Special

Posted Aug 1, 2010 by Kim I. Hartman
Michael Duane Lacy, 36, of Saint Albans West Virginia has been arrested and charged with first degree sexual assault after allegedly having sex with a child and impregnating her while she spent the night with his young daughter according to local police.
Michael Duane Lacy has been charged with 1st Degree Sexual Assault after allegedly impregnating an e...
Michael Duane Lacy has been charged with 1st Degree Sexual Assault after allegedly impregnating an eleven year old child.
WV Regional Jail
The incident allegedly occurred in mid-May at Lacy's apartment, said police at a hearing for the accused on Friday. The girl spent the night in the apartment with Lacy's daughter, who is about the same age as the victim. The girl now is about nine weeks pregnant said her mother.
Lacy was charged with first-degree sexual assault and is in the South Central Regional Jail on $5,000 cash bond, the news release states. He appeared in court on Friday and was bond over for grand jury.
Lacy's family who were at the courthouse and would not give their names said they do not believe he will be able to pay the cash bond and may have to remain in jail throughout the hearing and possible sentencing. When asked if they thought he was innocent or guilty none of them wished to respond or speculate without talking to the accused.
The incident occurred at Lacy's residence on Farrel Road which is just off Coal River Road in Kanawha County West Virginia.
Coal River Road is a few miles long and has spotted pockets of residential properties along this country road that is prone to flooding out the residents every few years. A check of the phone book shows many people with the the same names residing in these strips of low income to poverty stricken family groupings that reside in a mixture of homes, shacks, trailers, campers and even a few tents.
Residents of Coal River Road are for the most part, appalled that this could happen in their quiet country section of Almost Heaven West Virginia. One woman, who doesn't want her name revealed said she was shocked this happened in her, figuratively speaking, "backyard."
She like many do not believe Lacy's statements to the police that were read in court where he said he had awakened to find the 11 year old child on top of him and due to his alleged ingestion of Xanax and Lortab he mistakenly thought it was his wife and continued with the sexual act that police say he admits occurred.
She said "they find it hard to believe an eleven year old child-like girl would even know what to do and be able to begin these acts upon a full grown man unless she has previously been abused and had past sexual experience. This was a child, not a teenager or a someone who would have the experience in these behaviours."
She said this child attends school with her neighbors kids and none of them believe this to be true but they are willing to wait for the courts decision when Lacy goes to trial. He has admitted sexual acts with the girl and confirms that he is probably the father of her child.
While some in this rural area want their own form of justice others are crying out over the low bail Mr. Lacy received, which at this time he has not been able to pay in cash to secure his release. Lacy is still in jail, but many are concerned he may be back on Coal River Road any day.
David Mullins of WV Predator Watch told WSAZ "This is just an epidemic that's not going to go away, The justice system in West Virginia enables these guys to do what they do."
Mike Lewis and David Mullins, co-founders of WV Predator Watch are cousins -- both victims of sex abuse. They started to keep track of accused sexual predators.
"When we sit here and let these guys get away with these types of crimes, all you're doing is potentially putting other families at risk," Mullins said. The cousins are trying to keep officials in check by monitoring their records. Lewis and Mullins were outraged to learn a Kanawha County magistrate only put a $5,000 cash bond up for Lacy's first degree sexual abuse charge.
"Slapping a $5,000 cash bond on a danger to society for anyone who has a daughter of the same age at home is absolutely absurd," Lewis said. "It is a slap in the face for every parent of a child.This man needs to be behind bars."
"Bars stop pedophiles, bonds don't and no one seems to get that picture. This is an 11-year-old girl," Mullins said. "Her life is ruined from here on out."
Magistrate Jack Pauley stood by his decision and told television news stations "It was a reasonable bond." He added, "A bond is not meant to punish, it's only to make sure they make their court date."
Coal River Road residents disagree with the Magistrate and are concerned for the welfare of their children and grandchildren who are trusting of the adults who live this in this rural community.
The alleged charges are being investigated by Saint Albans Police Dept. Any information on the investigation can be reported to the police by calling 304-727-2251.