Squirrel meat on sale in Budgens supermarkets

Posted Jul 29, 2010 by Alex Iszatt
Budgens, a popular UK supermarket, will start selling squirrel meat nationwide. One London store has already started stocking it and animal rights groups have called it "wildlife massacre."
Andrew Moran
Budgens plans to roll out squirrel meat across its stores. Already the Crouch End store, North London, is selling the meat for £3 each.
Already there has been outcry from Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (Viva) who have called out Budgens "barbaric and inhumane" and said they are supporting a "needles cull" of grey squirrels.
The popular woodland creatures were once popular as a UK meat and made into soups, pies and casseroles.
Andrew Barron, amateur hunter, can't see what the fuss is about: "Squirrels are a pest so why not eat them? The flavour of a squirrel is nutty flavour and tastes similar to rabbit."
Butchers have also been stocking the meat for a while; and popular gastro-pubs have been known to add it to their menus.
Andrew believes that the popularity may wane and it "is unlikely this novelty will lead to a cull of all grey squirrels".
A spokeswoman for Musgrave, which operates Budgens, told the BBC: "We partner with individual entrepreneur retailers.
The squirrel meat was sourced from an individual supplier, not Budgens directly."