Sea and storms create new island from section of P.E.I.

Posted Jul 19, 2010 by Lynn Curwin
Winter storms have created a tiny new island from a section of Prince Edward Island. The sea created a channel through the sand dunes of Blooming Point, in P.E.I. National Park.
Blooming Point on Prince Edward Island
Blooming Point on Prince Edward Island
Will Pate
CBC reported that the channel is about 100 metres wide through a five-kilometre stretch of sand dunes. The area is known for having some of the highest dunes on the province, with some rising to 20 metres.
The channel is in an area which is not accessible by road, and was discovered by local fishermen. They are unsure of how the change will affect the fishery in the area.
"It's good for the bay. It's going to allow a lot more water flow, that's good for the mussel industry," Randall Clow, captain of the fishing boat Skippy, told CBC News. "But if the sea ice comes in, that can cause a lot of damage, so we'll have to wait and see."
Until now, the point had almost closed off the mouth of Tracadie Bay; so the new channel makes access easier for some fishermen
April Laviguer, who has visited the secluded beach for years, told CBC that last summer she was able to walk across sand where there is now 17 feet of water.
Department of Fisheries and Oceans had not been aware of the change to the island’s shore, but said they would monitor it to ensure sand does not clog up the regular channel.
Photos of the changes in the land formation can be seen on CBC’s web site.
P.E.I. National Park is on the north shore of P.E.I., which is Canada’s smallest province.