Singapore hit by series of flash floods

Posted Jul 19, 2010 by Leo Reyes
A series of flash floods that first occurred June 16 have caused considerable damage to properties of residents of low-lying areas of Singapore.
Singapore city-state
Singapore city-state
The latest flash flood took place Sunday, a day ahead of the flooding issue which was scheduled for discussion Monday amid complaints from residents about the failure of utilities to function during the flooding.
Shops and residential houses along Orchard Road were partly submerged Saturday due to flash floods caused by heavy rainfall.
The city-state is known for its top notch infrastructure and utilities as a result of careful planning and urban development. Some residents were surprised to have experienced a series of flash floods in the city as the city streets have not been flooded for years.
"We never had floods like that" said Peter Wong, 49, a city resident.
“Everything was gone, the carpets as you can see are damaged, the bottom of all the sofa seats are still soaking wet now, after 24 hours. We had to replace a new fridge, the fridge is totally damaged,” Wong told Agence France-Presse.
“I’m trying to keep a cool head over this but it is frustrating. My life is disrupted,” added the hotelier, who failed to take out insurance against “acts of God” such as floods.
Saturday’s flash floods were the third since June 16.