Rapper Ras Kass's Mel Gibson rap video goes viral

Posted Jul 18, 2010 by Kim I. Hartman
Mel Gibson's racist rants have been mixed in the latest viral video spreading on the Internet. Rapper Ras Kass lets Mel have it with a remix of Gibson's comments woven with a montage of photo of the actor and his ex-girlfriend.
Actor Mel Gibson
Actor Mel Gibson
It was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened - Mel Gibson’s racist rant has been turned into a song by noted West coast rapper Ras Kass. Kass has recorded an unofficial 2:56-minute single titled “Why You Be Dressin’ Like That” featuring Gibson.
The veteran rap word-smith rapping over a club beat with Mel Gibson’s infamous rants towards his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva , cleverly sampled with a montage of pictures of Mel Gibson throughout his career, set to Ras Kass’ song reports
Nothing is off limits on this special by Ras Kass and the comments are selected from different tirade tapes that have been leaked or made available from previous incidents with Gibson.
The updates keep coming in on this one but it looks like Kass has remastered the final version of this video that uses Gibson's racist tirade to mix with the rapper's own lyricism.
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