Man carts 200,000 pennies to pay tax tab

Posted Jul 18, 2010 by Tar De Moutonnoir
A Quebec man hauled more than 200,000 pennies down to City Hall Wednesday to put towards his tax bill in an apparent protest against rising property taxes.
According to QMI Agency, Normand Czepial carted 213,624 pennies loaded in a children's pool into City Hall Wednesday.
Czepial was hoping to use the change to pay his annual municipal property tax bill.
The move failed when the change was rejected and he was instead asked to pay with a cheque.
Mayor Luc Desjardins at City Hall was not obligated to accept the change as payment and suggested the tax payer use more traditional methods of payment.
According to Canada's Currency Act, section 82E, a merchant is only required to accept a maximum of 25 pennies as payment for any product or service and no more.
The man's property taxes are reported to have more than doubled since last year, increasing by nearly $4000 to $6400.
No word on how the man had managed to accumulate such a large number of pennies.
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