Prayer session held for abducted Nigerian journalists Special

Posted Jul 14, 2010 by Samuel Okocha
A prayer session was held on Monday for four Nigerian journalists abducted while returning from a meeting of the National Executive Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, taking place in the southern city of Uyo, the Akwa Ibom state capital.
Journalists at Voice of Nigeria  Lagos in a prayer session for four of their abducted colleagues
Journalists at Voice of Nigeria, Lagos in a prayer session for four of their abducted colleagues
The chairman of the Lagos state Chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ Mr. Wahab Oba, a Zonal Secretary and a staff of Voice of Nigeria, Adolphus Okonkwo, Assistant State Secretary, Sylvester Okereke, a member Shola Oyeyepo and their driver, Yekini Aziz were abducted on the Aba - Ikot Ekpene Road in the south eastern state of Abia.
The abductors have demanded a ransom of N250 million before their release following the abduction that took place early Sunday.
On Tuesday morning, the Voice of Nigeria Chapel of the NUJ held prayers for the abducted journalists with press from other chapels in attendance.
“This intercession is very important to us that wherever they are, the spirit of God will move in there and set the captives free, and that’s the purpose of this intercession.” said Dele Akinsola chairman of NUJ, News Agency of Nigeria chapel.
The journalist said the kidnapping, which started in the south-south of Nigeria to draw attention to the neglect suffered by the oil-rich region, has become a “big business” where people are now making millions of naira from in the southeast.
But why have journalists been targeted in the increasing wave of kidnapping rampant in the south east of the country?
“They know that if journalists who are custodians of peoples rights fighting for other people are now the ones that are now been abducted; it is to send a message to the government that they mean business and no one is a sacred cow that they can not pick,” said Akinsola.
He said the spate of kidnappings in Nigeria’s southeast shows the sorry state of insecurity and the need to declare a state of emergency in that region.
“The former governor of CBN was kidnapped,... all categories of people have been kidnapped, I believe it’s so serious now that the government should be thinking of declaring a state of emergency in that zone because no body has been able to curtail this ugly trend.”
The Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Ogbonnaya Onovo has since ordered the deployment of a crack team of detectives to assist in efforts to rescue the four kidnapped journalists.