Romney calls START treaty 'Obama's worst foreign policy mistake'

Posted Jul 7, 2010 by Andrew Moran
In an op-ed piece in the Washington Post, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney blasted President Barack Obama's new START treaty with Russia, which he calls "Obama's worst foreign policy mistake."
Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney
“Given President Obama's glaring domestic policy missteps, it is understandable that the public has largely been blinded to his foreign policy failings,” begins 2008 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s op-ed piece in the Washington Post on Tuesday.
The possible 2012 Republican Presidential contender writes a list of foreign policy failures of Obama’s Presidency thus far, including the President’s negotiations with North Korea, Iran and other “rogue nations,” condemnation of Israel at the United Nations and now the New-START program with Russia.
“Under New START, the United States must drastically reduce our number of launchers but Russia will not -- it already has fewer launchers than the treaty limits,” writes Romney. “Put another way: We give, Russia gets. And more troubling, the treaty fails to apply the MIRV limits that were part of the prior START treaty. Again, it may not be coincidental that Russia is developing a new heavy-load -- meaning MIRV-capable -- ICBM.”
President Obama with President Medvedev of Russia
President Barack Obama bids farewell to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev backstage after the two spoke at the Parallel Business Summit at the Manezh Exhibition Hall in Moscow, Russia, July 7, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
Official White House Photo by Pete Souza
The former Governor is urging the U.S. Senate not to ratify the treaty. The President is hoping that the treaty would be ratified by the end of the summer, however, it may be postponed for an unknown period of time because it is gaining strong opposition from such Senators as Jon Kyl and Jim DeMint who argue that it would be a risk to national security, reports the New York Times.
Former Presidential candidate John Kerry has fired back at Romney’s comments by stating that the author of “The Case for American Greatness” is attempting to score political points for his possible 2012 Presidential bid, reports CNN.
“Even in these polarized times, anyone seeking the presidency should know that the security of the United States is too important to be treated as fodder for political posturing,” writes Kerry in an op-ed piece in the Washington Post on Wednesday.
“Sadly, former governor Mitt Romney failed that test in arguing that ratification of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) with Russia would be a mistake [op-ed, July 6]. He disregarded the views of the best foreign policy thinkers of the past half-century, but more important, he ignored the facts.”