Maduro: Clinton has obsession with nations that stand up to U.S.

Posted Jul 6, 2010 by Andrew Moran
Venezuela's top diplomat has lashed out against the United States after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused the Latin American nation of human rights violations. The Hugo Chavez government denied the charge.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton.
Photo courtesy Hillary Clinton for President
According to the Associated Press, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the US is attempting to crackdown on countries that violate human rights, including Venezuela.
The Secretary’s accusations prompted the Venezuelan government to respond, reports Press TV. Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro recently stated that Clinton “has an obsession” with nations who stand up to the U.S. and that her policy demonstrates “intrigue, aggressions and desperations.”
The Foreign Minister did deny that his country has committed any human rights violations against the people of Venezuela or those who are against the government. However, Maduro stated that the U.S. government and its people would love to have the “political and social rights and freedoms of the Venezuelan people.”
The relationship between Venezuela and the U.S. has been tense for the last several years and although the U.S. is the top purchaser of Venezuela oil, President Hugo Chavez has attempted to diversify the nation’s clients.