Missiles fired at U.S. Embassy in Baghdad during Biden's visit

Posted Jul 4, 2010 by Andrew Moran
During United States Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Iraq, at least three missiles were fired in the vicinity of U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. No immediate details have been released.
Joe Biden  the vice president of the United States
Vice President Joe Biden
Photo by Obama-Biden Transition Project
As United States Vice President Joe Biden called for peace, solidarity and unity among the new Iraqi government, at least between three and five mortar rounds were fired into the Green Zone on Sunday near the U.S. Embassy, according to the Associated Press.
Rockets are usually fired into the green zone but rarely cause any casualties or significant damage.
There have been no immediate reports of fatalities or injuries. No further details have been released because authorities have not been authorized to speak to the media, notes Headliner Watch. There has been no confirmation as to the whereabouts of the Vice President.
Biden is expected to meet with Iraqi government officials and U.S. soldiers in Baghdad.