U.S. politicians join NBA teams in LeBron James sweepstakes

Posted Jul 4, 2010 by Andrew Moran
The sports world is waiting in anticipation as to where NBA free agent LeBron James will sign with. It has become so serious that United States politicians are joining with NBA teams urging James to sign with them.
Lebron James  Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star
Lebron James, Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star
keith allison / flickr
The United States faces tumultuous problems: an economy that is still in turmoil, two unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, an astronomical national debt of $13.2 trillion and $110 trillion in unfunded liabilities and expenditures. Not to mention U.S. President Barack Obama’s low approval rating.
Despite all of these issues, politicians are focusing on another issue that has to deal with sports and the private sector and that is NBA basketball free agent LeBron James and which team he will end up with for the next several years.
According to the Hill, U.S. politicians, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, Illinois Representative Peter Roskam, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and many others, are joining NBA teams in an attempt to sway James to sign with a team in their state or city.
ABC News reports that Governor Strickland and Senator Sherrod Brown collaborated with local celebrities and other politicians to record a version of “We Are the World” titled “Please Stay LeBron.” The lyrics are as followed: “New York's overcrowded, those people are unbearable, and don't forget, the Knicks and Nets are terrible. Please stay LeBron, we really need you, no bigger market’s gonna love half as much as we do.”
In New York, Bloomberg stars in an Internet campaign where he tells James “to write the next chapter” by signing with the New York Knicks, while Weiner said choosing New York City is the logical choice.
Roskam said in a statement that James signing with the Chicago Bulls would “create more jobs than the stimulus package ever did.” In May, President Obama told sports broadcaster Marv Albert that feels James would fit “in pretty well.” However, the President later told Larry King that Obama staying with the Cleveland Cavaliers “would be a wonderful thing.”
Nevertheless, there are some people who are not happy with the establishment’s eagerness to see James signing with any team. Former Republican Congressman John Kasich was on FOX Radio Network with Alan Colmes and poked fun at Strickland and said he is more worried about the half million Ohioans who are unemployed.
This also prompted the Ohio Democratic Party to launch a website called “Ohioans against LeBron.” The campaign has Kasich as the Founder and President.