Michigan firefighters' rap video on fireworks safety goes viral

Posted Jun 29, 2010 by Cynthia Trowbridge
Three firefighters from Michigan made a rap video to get the attention of pre-teens and teenagers. Their purpose was to inform them about fireworks safety. The video has now gone viral on YouTube.
Mark Laux, Roger Bebeau and Steve Makowski are firefighters from Midland who came up with a rap song about fireworks safety.
Once a month, a local television station puts together a public safety video that gets posted on YouTube and the firefighters wanted to beat the Midland Police Department in attracting the most viewers.
The police department's video How to Spot a Police Imposter has around 8,000 views.
The police video was a hit and was getting more attention than the firefighters until the firefighters' video was picked up by CNN, ABC News radio and the Associated Press. reports Mark Laux said, "We wanted to beat that. We figured (the video) might get picked up by the newspaper or maybe one of the local TV stations. We never imagined this."
The rappers call themselves Mix Master Mark and the Ax Men. Laux said, "We spent a lot of time on Google, looking up words that rhymed."
The men said their video was "about as low-budget as you can get." It consisted of a foot of duct tape, two AA batteries and some aluminum foil.
Fire chief Leonardo Garcia said the Los Angeles Fire Department as well other agency newsletters have spotlighted the video, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency has contacted the department about using it as well.
As of today, the video by the firefighters has 30,500 views.