Abu Sayyaf terrorists attacked civilians in southern Philippines

Posted Jun 24, 2010 by Leo Reyes
Around 30 gunmen believed to be members of the dreaded Abu Sayyap militants opened fire at a group of civilians, killing four and wounding six others in Maluso town in Basilan province, southern Philippines.
Map of Philippines
Map of Philippines
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The al-Qaida-linked militants apparently were trying to divert government troops from a weeks long offensive in a nearby town, said Antonio Mendoza, police chief for the island province of Basilan.
Most of the victims were commuters in a passenger jeep going home from Basilan's capital of Isabela City. The attackers were positioned on a hill and opened fire with rifles. Two passengers died instantly but others jumped from the jeep to flee, Mendoza said.
Abu Sayyap is a terrorist group with around 400 active members operating mostly in the provinces of Basilan and Jolo in southern Philippines.
The Muslim terrorist group has been blamed on the latest violence and beheading in the predominantly Muslim provinces of Jolo and Basilan
About two weeks ago, Abu Sayyaf militants beheaded three loggers in a rainforest near Maluso.
The Abu Sayyaf, founded in Basilan in 1991, is believed by U.S. and Philippine security officials to have received funds and training from Osama bin Laden's network, the report added.