Twitter introduces promoted Trending Topics

Posted Jun 19, 2010 by Stephanie Medeiros
Some Twitter users might have noticed an interesting Trending Topic on their list the past week which was more or less an advertisement for Toy Story 3. Speculation was abound of Twitter doing promoted trends, but it seems they are already on it.
New look Twitter
New look Twitter
Brenton Currie
As Twitter continues to try and out maneuver their long time rival Facebook, the social networking site will now be adding the advertising platform of implementing promoted Trending Topics, which are given a "Promoted" badge next to it. The usage of promotion on Twitter is nothing new, as several celebrities have their tweets promoted by different companies, often masking them in feigned like for the said brand--Kim Kardashian is a top promoter, for example.
Disney's Pixar had the honor of being the first ever promoted Trending Topic for their newest film Toy Story 3, the topic remained on the list--albeit at the bottom--for about a week with Pixar also given a "Promotion" badge for their tweets that included the trending topic. When one clicks on the promotion, the user is then redirected to a search results list with the said topic at the top of the list. This sort of tactic in advertising is a pleasant breath of fresh air during times when adverts can be bluntly shoved into a consumers face; however, the Toy Story 3 promotion was not intrusive nor very obstructive to the aesthetic of the Twitter page. The only thing to differentiate it from other trending topics is, of course, its promotion badge. There were no pop-up advertisements or videos, just an interactive way for normal people to engage in social media marketing.
The price to have a promoted trending topic? Not exactly chump change, as several resources (one being Mashable Business) indicate upwards toward the tens of thousands. However, with the ever growing audience of Twitter and its simplicity, the price-tag for a topic is well worth it. All Twitter users should be on the look out for other companies and brands that will be showcasing promoted trending topics, as this new platform is not disappearing anytime soon.
And while this new method continues to grow in popularity, it will be interesting to see how dynamic it might become. Will Twitter only recognize big corporations or also let small businesses use promoted trending topics? Also, will celebrities be allowed to promote any of their business ventures or will this feature only be available to companies? Twitter has limitless opportunities for this latest idea.