Coney Island opens again

Posted May 30, 2010 by Michael Bearak
New York's Coney Island has reopened after years of being closed, decimated by fires and gangs. Sunday the famed Luna Park has reopenned.
Long Beach  Long Island  New York
Long Beach, Long Island, New York
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Every July 4th Nathan's Hot Dogs has hosted their annual hot dog eating contest for the world to see. That is one of the last remaining remnants of the old Coney Island from the years gone by. It has been over 60 years since the original Luna Park was destroyed by fires. Now like a Phoenix rising from the ashes so has Luna Park featuring over 3 acres of property, as well as and now features 19 brand-new state of the art rides.
One of the featured rides, the Air Race, was not ready for Saturday's grand opening. Still, many of the other rides were ready for visitors including the Balloon Expedition, a Coney Tower, and another ride called Surf's Up.
The opening will hopefully boost the economy as it will employ 200 people and the project costs approximately $150 million to do.
After touring the new facility New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, “our vision for Coney Island is not only to recapture its historic glory as a seaside attraction, but also to make it more livable and affordable and make it a real neighborhood for the community that is here.”
During the summer of 2011 there is expected to be a second phase to Luna Park as well. Beyond just the rides there are also restaurants. The park is free to enter, but you do pay per ride, ranging between $3 and $7, although for $26 you can purchase an unlimited all day pass.