Bret Michael's doctors expect full recovery

Posted Apr 28, 2010 by Richard Mccallum
Doctors said that Michaels, 47, is lucky to have narrowly escaped death last week and is now resting and in positive spirits.
Bret Michaels -frontman for poison and reality TV Star.
Bret Michaels -frontman for poison and reality TV Star.
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The singer' s publicist said that doctors have warned that the singer's recovery from a brain hemorrhage suffered last week will be slow and painful. Tests on Michaels have revealed that one of the side effects from his hemorrhage and brain operation last week may manifest in seizures.
"Doctors state that with further testing and rehabilitation that they are hopeful that Bret will gradually improve as blood surrounding his brain dissolves and is reabsorbed into his system, which can be a very painful recovery and take several weeks to months. Michaels remains under 24 hour observation, and is responding well to tests and treatments."
the statement from his publicist said.
Some doctors feel that the singer's accident before the 2009 Tony awards may have contributed to the singer's ailments