White House reports President Obama's 2009 income

Posted Apr 15, 2010 by Matt Harding
Today, the White House released the 2009 tax returns of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, as well as Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden.
President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama
White House Photo, Lawrence Jackson
The L.A. Times and FOX News both report that President Obama's income for 2009 was $5.5 million.
Book sales lifted the president's income to $5.5 million in his first year in office. This amount eclipses the most recent U.S. President's. George W. Bush earned $711,000 in 2001, his first year in office. Bill Clinton made $294,000 in 1993. George H.W. Bush earned $457,000 in 1989. Ronald Reagan collected $419,000 in 1981.
Today, on tax day, the White House released 2009 returns showing Obama's income more than doubled from the past year. In 2008, he collected $2.7 million; $4.2 million was his 2007 income.
As for Vice President Joe Biden and wife Dr. Jill Biden, they reported an adjusted gross income of about $333,000 last year. They paid $71,147 in federal taxes, another $13,897 in state taxes. The Biden family made charitable donations totaling $4,820.
"He's a real champion of the middle class – like the Kennedys and the Rockefellers and all those other middle class Americans out there,'' said Chris Wilson, a Republican pollster.
You can find a scan of Obama's tax returns here.