NASA to receive additional $6 billion in funding from Washington

Posted Apr 14, 2010 by Gordon K. Chan
President Obama will allocate $6 billion toward NASA to create 2,500 new jobs and begin deep space exploration with the goal of sending astronauts to Mars.
Heavy rockets will be ready by 2015 for deep space exploration.
Heavy rockets will be ready by 2015 for deep space exploration.
jomo / flickr
Washington has committed funds that will expedite entry into deep space and land humans into the frontier of planetary exploration.
The added $6 billion over five years will finance a newly outlined American space program, one that begins with the building of a new heavy-lift rocket that will pioneer deep space exploration.
"This is a rocket that is going to happen two years earlier than would've happened under the past program," says a senior White House official in a Science Daily report.
Program objectives also include robotic scouting to provide safety data and technological proof for reliable human deep space flight.
Further developments for the space program will be the design of a stand-by emergency escape capsule for the International Space Station.
NASA is a 51-year-old agency that employs over 17,000 workers and receives an annual $17 billion budget from Washington D.C.