Artist makes 3-D pornography book for the blind

Posted Apr 13, 2010 by Matt Harding
A Toronto artist has created a 3-D pornography book for the visually impaired. The book was actually released almost two years ago.
Toronto artist Lisa Murphy has created this pornographic book specifically for the blind.
Murphy's creation includes photos of nude men and women. Those who posed for the book were the author's friends. Murphy says it makes sense to have a touchable sex book.
Each of the pages in the book can be unbound from the book so they can lay flat on a surface.
Talk may be cheap, but this pornography book is not. Each copy of the book, Tactile Mind, costs $225, not including shipping.
Each image in the book took roughly 50 hours of work to create. Therefore, Murphy says the price is "not an unreasonable" one.
Murphy, though, doesn’t believe it pushes the bounds of 3-D. In fact, she’s planning a new project that blind followers may want to get their hands on. “It’ll be much more erotic...with couples,” says the 35-year-old artist.