Young singing sensation in Taiwan could be another Susan Boyle

Posted Apr 11, 2010 by Joan Firstenberg
A young Taiwanese man, who imitates Whitney Houston in a televised talent competition, has taken the entertainment world by storm and some are calling him "Taiwan's Susan Boyle."
Lin Yu-Chun  Taiwan s Susan Boyle  sings Whitney Houston s  I Will Always Love You
Lin Yu-Chun, Taiwan's Susan Boyle, sings Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You'
CTV screengrab
He calls himself Little Fatty, but a Taiwanese shop worker says he's shocked that he's now being dubbed a Susan Boyle-like overnight Internet sensation after performing a flawless Whitney Houston song,"I Will Always Love You" on a Taiwan TV talent program, Million Star Show.
AFP reports that Lin Yu-Chun, 24, won over the judges and the audience of the local TV program, Million Star show and has since rung up 4.5 million views on YouTube within five days.
Lin, who works part-time at music instrument shop, says about all the attention:
"I am shocked that I can draw so much attention. I'm really moved and happy that people like my performance of Whitney's song. I've loved singing since I was a little boy and I feel like I am living my dream now. I hope I can pursue a career in singing,"
And Lin says he has no problems at all being compared to Susan Boyle:
"I am honored to be compared to Susan Boyle. I am inspired and encouraged by her because she proved that even a person who's seen as an underdog and who has average looks can shine on the stage."
One YouTube viewer posted a comment in American Yahoo!'s chatrooms, among thousands of others, that Lin's performance was superb.
"I got goose bumps. Whitney couldn't do it any better today."
Susan Boyle shot to global stardom after being discovered last year on the "Britain's Got Talent" program for her striking performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" from "Les Miserables".