West Virginia vs. Westboro Baptist Church

Posted Apr 9, 2010 by KJ Mullins
The Westboro Baptist Church picketed at the West Virginia Capitol Complex and at the University of Charleston on Thursday. The group claims that the state has been turned over to homosexuals.
Wanna be startin' somethin'....the WBC have announced plans to picket Michael Jackson's funeral.
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There are counter-protest planned by West Virginia residents for any scheduled protests.
Westboro Baptist Church showed up Thursday at the Capitol Complex with their signs including some that read "Thank God for dead miners" and "the miner deaths are God's way of punishing us for allowing gays." Counter protesters were also on hand to peacefully drown out their messages of hate.
Peace Over Hate was just one of the groups planning to have a rally against Westboro Baptist Church when the hate group travels to West Virginia's capitol this Thursday.
The counter-protest group is making sure that their members stay within the law as they protest Fred Phelp's group. They are asking their members to refrain from profanity, not block the flow of traffic, stay on public property and respect all instructions given by the authorities.
The group is also asking for any signs to refrain promoting any type of hate to the gathering.
Westboro Baptist Church is listed as a general hate group with Southern Poverty Law Center.